1X-ThronesROStorageFairThronesShow wear. They are usuable but could use refinishing.
2Medium Kingdom Field BannerKNGoodBannerUnpaired medium banner
3Old Guard HelmetsROStorageDamagedMiscKenic:"These were originally made for Pennsic (18?) Duke Randall should know about them." Alissa:"Told they were made for a coronation0320150718_110514
4SwordROGoodMiscMetal sheath20150911_201618



5Pelican/Crescent Chainmail collarROGoodMiscpreviously called banners20150911_180438
6Laurel/Maunche Chainmail collarROGoodMiscpreviously called banners20150911_180542
7Archery Champions collarCHFairMiscThis could be circulated, medallion needs cleaning
8Box of Misc Costume JewelryQSGoodMiscMust have been turned in after some Pennsic (Moruadh?), also has loose gems in boxes and spare gold tygers
9Archery Bracers K&QKQK&QGoodMisc
10Archery Bracers P&PPPGoodMisc
11Small Box Pouches K&QKQGoodMiscsmall box style pouches
12Small Box Pouches P&PPPGoodMiscsmall box style pouches
13King's leather belt pouchKNGoodMiscmedium weight suede with painted cover
14Small chip boxesKQGoodMiscsmall chip boxes painted purple with arms on the lids
15Kingdom armbandsROGoodClothingcloth armbands from various other kingdoms (probably used at some Pennsic dinner)
16OTC pennonROGoodBanner
17Small Applique Kingdom FlagKQGoodBanner
18Giant kingdom gofannonROGoodBannerLoops to hang from horizontal and vertical poles
19Viking floor coveringROGoodMiscpainted canvas
20K&Q floor coveringsKQFairMiscpainted canvas
21Old King's helmet mantleKNFairClothingshows significant wear
22P&P Applique bannersPPFairBannerLight color, show some fading
23Med Applique kingdom bannerKNGoodBannerodd shaped crown
24large chainmail kingdom bannerKNGoodBanner
25Byzantine crownsKQFairCrownsThey need minor repair on suspension straps
26Fabric (Knitted?) crownsKQGoodCrownshave never seen them worn
27Lightweight gold plated crownsKQK&QFairCrownsOne shows wear on the plating in front. Duke Balfar had these made I believe. Tyger cutout crowns? Looked fine
28K&Q Cariadoc CrownsKQGoodCrownssimple silver bands - real gemstones - for large heads
29P&P Cariadoc CrownsPPGoodCrownssimple silver bands - real gemstones - really thin for large heads
30Imperial CrownsKQRepairDamagedCrownspossibly with Anton for repair
31Large painted kingdom field bannerKNFairBannerWrinkles
32Med velveteen kingdom bannerKNFairBannerneeds ends stuck down
33Canvas wall sectionsROStorageGoodPavilion
342 very large tyger bannersROStorageGoodBannermeant for pennsic gates
35Red banners w/ blue tygersROGoodBannermeant for pennsic gates
36Allied kingdom pennonsROVariesBanner
37Bin of tableclothsROK&QGoodMiscshould have, not checked: 8' kingdom table runner, light purple kingdom table cloth, 2 embroidered hand towels, 4x15' table cloth, large kingdom table cloths
38Chess TableROStorageDamagedThronesused to be used between thrones, water damage
39Stained glass windowROStorageDamagedMiscneeds repair
40Sm kingdom pennonKQGoodBannertriangle
41Silver punch bowl, gravy boat, candlestickROStorageFairMiscneeds cleaning
42ceramic blue tyger fountainROStorageFairMiscfrom pennsic
43cathedral panelsROStorageGoodMiscturned in by Bjorn and Morgen
44List ropes/flagsROGoodMisc
45200+ list polesROStorageGoodMiscsome wood color, some purple/yellow
46old pavilion polesROStorageGoodMisc7' panther
47kingdom pavilionROK&QGoodMiscpainted by Duke Griffith
48saxon drinking hornsROK&QGoodMisc
49blue tyger crownsKQGoodCrowns
50ICOD crownsKQK&QGoodCrownsmade by Master Julien
51Fleur crownsKQK&QGoodCrowns
52Maltese crownsKQGoodCrownsvery heavy, ceremony only recommended, very valuable
53Ancient and venerable crownsKQGoodCrowns
54leather crownsKQK&QGoodCrownsnew, old ones retired
55King's fighting tabardKNFairClothingshowing wear
56Queen's fighting tabardsQNGoodClothingmade by Aikaterine
57oak thronesKQK&QGoodThronesnewly refinished
58Oak foot stoolsKQK&QGoodThronesnot refinished with thrones
59purple cushionsKQK&QGoodThronesfor oak thrones
60Old K&Q bannersKQFairBanner
61K&Q banner stands & polesKQK&QGoodBannershowing wear
62fold up table with armsKQK&QFairThronesshowing wear
63Viking kneelerROK&QGoodThronesneeds wedges
64oldest kneeling cushionROGoodThronesblue with needlework, contact George Emerson True for repairs
65old kneeling cushionROGoodThronesdarker (felt?)
66new kneeling cushionsK&Q
67P&P ThronesPPP&PGoodThrones
68Writing deskKQStorageFairMiscHas old queen's arms wood-burned on to it. Latch is shaky.
69P&P BannersPPP&PGoodBannerlarge
70P&P CrownsPPP&PGoodCrowns
71Old Champions TabardsROFairClothing3 Nice, rest match - all in big bag
72Fencing favorsROGoodClothingFor pennsic fencing champioins
73Old P&P ThronesRORepairDamagedThronesDiscovered at Pennsic 2010, seats were missing, remaking. Currently with Kenric.
74Chains of StateKQRepairDamagedMiscMistress Safiya?
75Persian CrownsKQRepairDamagedCrownsMistress Safiya?
76Prince's TorsePE?FairClothingfaded
77CrossbowROIn UseGoodWeaponsLocation unknown
78P&P Cloak hangersPPP&PGoodClothingshould stay with cloaks
79P&P CloaksPPP&P?Clothing
80Shielded tyger crownsKQRepairDamagedCrownsMistress Safiya?
81Royal cleaning boxROStorageDamagedMiscwhy??
82Chest matching T&G thronesKQStorageGoodThronescrack in bottom, weighs a ton
83giant fansROStorageGoodMiscfrom singapore
84feast gearROStorageGoodMiscnothing fancy or heraldic
85gobletsROStorageGoodMiscnothing fancy or heraldic
86mystery metal diskROStorageFairMisc
87K&Q Fat pillar candlesROStorageFairMischave been used
88Satin Queen's bannerQNGoodBannermatching king lost?
89blue tyger flagROFairBanner
90heavy metal king's shieldKNStorageDamagedMisc
918 gems in plastic casesROGoodfor repair of cariadoc crowns? Stored in box of jewelry
922 gold wood banner polesROStorageGoodMiscno ropes or holding poles
93pennsic volunteer bannerROGoodBanner
94Red & blue tyger & dragon bannerROGoodBannerFrom Pennsic?
95giant metal stakeROStorageGoodMiscindestructible, could stake a tent in a parking lot
96gold wood scepter ROStorageGoodMiscnot fancy
97random bin of stuffROStorageFairMisc
98K&Q pewter collarsKQStorageFair
99Small royal pillowROGoodraw silk
100K&Q leather cupsKQGood
101King's archery bracerKNK&QFairworn, very stiff
102purple painted pennonROGoodlightweight, cotton
103Unmatched leather crownKNK&GFaircross on front, has ties, for a helmet?
104Princess Fighting SurcoatPPP&PGoodsatin, mulberry sort of purple
105Royal stuff crateK&QNot regalia, for transport of stuff
106plastic shelvesStorageNot regalia
107ropeStorageNot regalia
108EK Royal gate***In Mistress Eleanor Fitzpatrick's weatherpoof Pennsic storage, do not pack in trailer
109New KQPP BannersK&Qfrom Thanet
110List treesAlanna
111Northen army archery bannerWrapped in paper
112Champions Tabards1 full tub (tall green lid)
113Silk baronial flagsIn leather "book" box
114Crown padding2 rolls vinyl foam weatherseal, 3/4" wide, 3/16" thick
115EK royal bannersMade by Duchess Anna, have own blue tub, do not stoe in trailer
116Saxon drinking horn carved boxOnly fits 1 and stand, broken handle
117Pennsic dias skirt1 tub, could be packed smaller. Also has a few banners but Duchess Anna made, packed, labelled all so assume they go together
118shredded blue tyger silk banner
119prince banner and long flags
120random shield flags
121fencing champ favors
122king raw silk cloak
123queen silk pennon
124old bardic champ baldric
125light puple kingdom tablecloth?Gifted to Kiena
126K&Q in/out signs in queen bagGifted to Kiena
127Royal Stuff pillowGifted to Kiena
128Queen tote bagGifted to Kiena
129Guard/Server baldrics
130Giant purple painted banner?Gifted to Kiena
131kingdom sealsKQStorageGoodMisc20150718_112138


132Manesse Codex Tapestries