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Welcome to the official site for the office of the East Kingdom Chamberlain. On this site you will soon find the full inventory of regalia as known to the Chamberlain, and guidelines for the correct use of the royal heraldry when creating new items of regalia.

The Kingdom Chamberlain is responsible for the care and upkeep of all of the kingdom regalia (both the regalia used by the Royalty and regalia used by the Royal Champions). The Chamberlain tracks the location and status of each item of regalia, maintaining a list of who has each item signed out of storage.

The Chamberlain also coordinates new regalia projects to ensure that needed items are created, that new items use the royal heraldry correctly, and to minimize duplicate efforts around the kingdom.

The Chamberlain is currently Lady Vitalia la Soliel ( If you currently have anything belonging to the kingdom. Anyone who is interested in working on a new regalia project, or in repairing/updating an older item should also contact him.

If you have questions regarding a specific piece of regalia please contact the Chamberlain.

Please note that this is NOT a list of items for sale or rent. This inventory is intended for the internal use of the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism only.

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