East Kingdom Royal Sheet Wall Construction

The finished height will be six feet.

  1. Start with approximately 2 1/4 yards of a 60 inch wide piece of trigger (poly cotton).  Note that heavier material takes longer to dry and is more likely to mildew.
  2. Square off the ends and measure to 74 inches.
  3. Fold selvages (finished edges) over 1/2 inch and stitch them down.
  4. Fold ends down 1/2 inch and 1/2 inch and stitch them down twice.
    • Fold selvages over 1/2″ & stitch
    • Fold top and bottom edges over 1/2″ twice & stitch twicesheetwall
  5. Stitch leather reinforcements in the four corners.  Use three-inch squares, cut on the diagonal.
  6. Stitch leather reinforcements at two-foot intervals on the long sides. Use two-inch squares.
  7. Insert a 3/8-inch heavy duty or sail grommet through each reinforced leather point.
  8. Provide Eight, one yard pieces of nylon or synthetic rope, cord, or shoe laces for ties, 1/8″ to 3/16″ diameter recommended.
  9. Finish the ends of the rope/cord with 3/4″ long heat shrink tubing or aglets to assist setup and protect the ends from fraying.
  10. Decorate the front of the banner with the arms of your Barony, Shire, or Household.

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